Achievement Hunter is a company founded by Geoff Ramsey, and owned by Rooster Teeth Productions in Austin, Texas. Achievement Hunter creates content based on video games, as well as hosts community gaming events, publishing game guides, and provides a place for members to talk about games.

List of SeriesEdit

  • Let's Play
    • Let's Play Minecraft
    • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto
  • Rage Quit
  • VS
  • Things to Do in...
    • Things to Do in Minecraft
    • Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto
  • Achievement Hunter Weekly Update (AHWU)
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Play Pals
  • Shenanigans
  • Let's Watch
  • Off Topic
  • VR the Champions
  • Theater Mode
  • Heroes & Halfwits
  • Schooled
  • Between the Games
  • RouLetsPlay
  • AH Animated
  • Battle Buddies

Past SeriesEdit

  • Game Night
  • Pajamachievements
  • Forced Enjoyment
  • Achievement HORSE
  • Fails of the Weak
  • MegaCraft
  • Five Facts
  • GameFails
  • Achievement HUNT
  • Trials Files
  • Trials Pig
  • This is...
  • Quick Bits
  • A Look Back At
  • AH Predicts
  • Countdown
  • How To
  • Imaginary Achievements
  • Sunday Driving
  • Coming Soon
  • Great Levels in Gaming
  • Theater Mode Movie Club
  • GO!


Past Employees


Achievement Hunter hosts many community events such as contests, game nights, and more.

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